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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 17, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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we'll start warming it up torrow. >> 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> a disturbing cold case dating back decades, in 1985, the bodies of a woman and three girls found in three metal drums in new hampshire. >> now after scientific testing investigators believe they have the answers to when the the victims were killed and where they lived. live in concord, new hampshire with the very latest on this, byron. >> reporter: investigators say this is a cold case that's been behalf lingthem for three decades. and thousand they say new information has provided them new clues they want to share with the public. computer generated images that began 30 years ago. four unidentified bodies found in the bear brooks state park in al lens town new hampshire. police say the bodies of this woman in her mid 20s and this nine to 10-year-old girl were
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1985. and 15 years later, in the year of 2000, the body of this 3 to 4-year-old girl and this 2 to 3-year-old girl found inside another barrel in the same area. now investigate are tos say new technology has given them new information radio isotopes taken from the teeth, bones and hair, helping them to pin down where the victims were from. >> hair is very good at giving you a timeline of basically the last couple of months. dependent on the life of the hair. with regards to the enamel, it helps us to narrow down specifically where the individual was born. >> reporter: authorities say the adult victim and the oldest and youngest child victims were likely related and lived in the northeast u.s. near the atlantic coast. they say the middle child victim was not related to the others and was likely born and lived farther north and as far west as minnesota. but investigators say their lives merged near the end.
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>> this is not somebody who was taken from afar and brought over after death. this easy four people would have been together in the last two weeks to approximately three months of their lives. >> somebody has seen these children before and seen the adult female. they know. and they'll come forward eventually. it's just -- you got to get it to the right ears. >> reporter: now investigators put the death of the victims between 1980 and 1984. they're hoping this new information will jog someone's memory. that's the story live from concord, new hampshire, i'm byron bine not, 7 news. >> a man from beverly accused of trying to kill his estranged wife, axle surer charged with attempted murder and strangulation, back in court on november 24th. police there say -- the woman taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. >> there are new details on curt schilling's former company. the former red sox pitcher is
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declining to testify before a rhode island house committee. earlier this month, representatives asked schilling to testify about his failed video game company. schilling moved 38 studios from massachusetts to providence after receiving a 75 million dollar loan guarantee in 2010. 38 studios filed for bankruptcy two years later and now the committee may ask for a subpoena. convicted killer of aaron hernandez, a friend, will not have his dismissed. judges denied the request, they asked the indictment be thrown out based on exclaims of questionable integrity from the grand jury. they're accused of helping aaron hernandez kill odin lloyd in 2013. he the former tight end, is serving life in prison after being convicted of the if murder in april. >> police caught on camera brutally beating the system.
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putting the men on paid leave isn't enough. >> for me the image of rodney king jumped out, where you see someone being beaten over and over again helplessly. >> you're looking at the video of two sheriff's beating a man with their hands and fists. >> they're asking for the deputies to be criminally charged and investigators admit the video seen by thousands also concerns them. >> the public trust is so important to us. >> the two deputies now on paid leave are having investigated force. >> whatever people i this of this incident, it does reflect the daily things that we do every day in our community to make it a better place. >> the man's mother says her son suffers from mental health issues appeared believes that's what behind friday's incident. >> she's grieving. i sat with her. as she was talking to her son. and she was write crying. >> reporter: her son was accused leading deputies on a high speed chase as well as deputy.
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but his mother questioned the deputies actions and what happened with proving her son innocent until proven guilty. >> they came to this country and did not expect to be treated like this by the police when they came here. >> reporter: the man's attorney, says his client has several broken bones but is alert and talking. >> video dash cam, shows, who ran away with a 6-year-old girl. his truck burst into flames after a wild chase. he is convicted of trying toll. her parents are pleading for her release. >> she's not in trouble. please just come. i love you. i just want her to come home. >> myers is now serving 35 years of hard labor in louisiana. the young girl's family says she is suffering from ptsd. >> more views today, tough testimony from the journalist of james foley of new hampshire. she took to the stand in front of congress to ask for change. her son was captain churtd and
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she said, she felt abandoned by the american government. >> well, i ask you esteemed members of congress to hold this new fusion cell accountable for the return of our american citizens. and to mandate a thorough reevaluation of our current hostage policy. to make sure that recentral lid dated research is being done to ensure that our policy truly saves the lives of americans. >> reporter: >> reporter: she also asked for proof tore the current hostage policy to release americans was actually saving lives and decreasing capture rates. >> the is secret service under scrutiny during a congressional hearing today. lawmakers questioned the head of the secret service when the inspector general of the homeland security, this comes after an agent was accused of crashing a car while drinking on the job and dozens of agents allegedly looked into the background of a congressman after he held a hearing to
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discuss that incident. the secret service director says agents are being disciplined. >> robert durst is expected in a louisiana courtroom next month to change his plea. the multimillionaire featured in the hb off series the jinx is accused of killing his friend bah in 2000. also facing a weapons charge in which he pleadedly not guilty. set for december 19th. >> a california man in the hospital after being shot in the head by a car jacker. he had been forced to lead police on a wild chase by a gunman that jumped into his car. that chase ended after 35 minutes after the suspect realized that police were fire. >> once the vehicle came to the stop, the suspect fired upon the driver. the victim. at which time he turned fire out the back window towards our officers. i have to give credit to the victim. he did the thing but unfortunately, it ended like this, and hopefully our prayers are out to the victim.
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>> high speed horror leaves a driver dead on a freeway in florida. police say two people were shooting at each other from their cars the free way shut down for several hours. they say they were shocked by what happened. >> i don't know what's going on. but it's a mess. >> two men lost their lives and we're, working to find out exactly what happened. >> police say they're still looking for a motive for this crime. >> more than 50 protesters behind are bahs after shutting down parts of a minneapolis highway last night. the demonstration comes after police shot and killed 24-year-old jamal clark, he fought with paramedics during a domestic violence incident on sunday. the department of justice is investigating. >> still ahead at 7 news at 5:30. now she's teaching to women how to get what she deserve. >> breaking news out of logan international airport, trouble out of a flight to boston after a passenger tried to open an exit door. >> also ahead, two stadiums evacuated in germany after a
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>> something working women across the country face every day, the wage gap. now one of the cohosts of msnbc morning joe is tack blink that very issue. >> hitting the road, to educating women how to get the salary they serve. sat down with importance of knowing your value. >> it's a powerful message for so many women. know your value. >> we're here today to learn how to stand up for yourself. get more for yourself. >> live from manchester. >> cohost of msnbc, morning joe, special has made it her mission, writing that in her book, and holding. >> cos in major upgs cities. she says many women feel bad asking for more money and work.
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basic, i think we feel it's our responsibility to -- >> after learning she was making 14 times less than her cohost. she says at the negotiation table, you have to be tough, but not over term to. >> i think eloquently and with grace, we can be tough as well. and there are times i think we can be aggressive. but you do need how to switch gears and you do need to know the room. >> she says know what the bosses are looking for and then practice is key. >> it could be getting up in church and speaking. it can be going and advocating e ing for your kid at school. it could be advocating for someone else. >> the biggest mistake women make is saying i'm other. >> you will of that has got to go. all of that leaves a huge pile of money on theibleta. it literally does. if you say sorry, you're saying don't pay me. >> and that awkward silence that comes up during the meeting. embrace it. it's not your job to fill the room with words. just sit there, look, after you've put your data on the
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table, what else is there to say, wait for them to talk. and if it feels really awkward, have you done your job. >> one last tip, mika says it's important that you don't worry about being friendly with your bosses during the negotiation. she says if they truly are your friend, they will understand. in the newsroom, adyawn thompson, 7 news. >> a local boy going through a time, gets to live out his dream. >> our forecast a little chilly tonight. we slowly warm it up and then the rain ahead. >> breaking news, as david ortiz calling it a career? a new report hinting big papi's retirement from baseball. >> why the teen accused of killing his math teacher in danvers refused to come back into the courtroom. >> the latest news, weather and sports, the app, the 7 news app,
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>> wild weather in texas where a tornado causes some damage to an oil facility there. this dramatic video shot yesterday near arm ma rill low. meteorologists say the region was hit with several potential twisted but thankfully no injuries reported. >> people asked to take cover as this tornado came in through the area. but again, no one was hurt. normally we see those go through the springtime. but transition season, so we're seeing those go through. is that going to hit us at all, that tornado system. >> that weather system will. but completely out of charactering to have a tornado outbreak like we saw yesterday across the plains. brief warm up in the wake of
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tonight. what are those? the meteor showers that come around late november. the winds will be nonexistent, though, and it will be this out there, crescent noon until about 11 o'clock, up to a dozen per hour possible. from the come met temple tuttle. an old come met that zooms around the constellation leo. >> temperatures already falling into the upper 30s. look at this in wellesley, 35, 38 in dedham already. almost to freezing already. and ipswich 37. think it's going to be a cold night? auburn, 35 already. 36 in west bridgewater right now. foxboro 36 degrees. so this will be one of those ground hardening. in the lower 30s and even upper teens tonight. that cold.
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keep the winds nonexistent. >> so this is a radiational cooling night. look that up online, google it. it tells you you needs high pressure and clear skies. that's exactly what we have. 24 in bourne. special tomorrow our temperatures come back decent. arou 50 degrees a little bit of on shore wind out of the east, southeast, cool us along the coastline. ly maybe at 49 in dukdz barry and then back off in the afternoon. this is the severe weather maker. now transitioning to a rainmaker from st. louis all the way up to about minneapolis. notice no cold for snow all the way up to win necessity peg. but we do have a little lull of snow, maybe it's big for the folks in it. near blizzard conditions for the parts of skro and also into nebraska and kansas. this is least bound. but it doesn't come to us tomorrow. we're waiting for it on thursday. thursday is the day where the wet weather comes. tomorrow seasonable. with temperatures near 50 degrees. slow moving front.
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even drag its feet. could be a good soaking involved in this. cross our fingers we need it badly. three are whys of an inch of rain not out of the question. our temperatures in wake of that system on friday. start mild, finish close to 60. temperatures fall on saturday and next week too. 16 to 32 tonight. tomorrow, 31. not a big deal, winds all daylight. brisk out of the south, southwest on thursday and then turn direction and start to ink before in colder air for the weekend. but it's a little bit delayed. not necessarily saturday. that is a cool day for the shamrock series. pictures in the 40s at fenway park. early on sunday, maybe a shower and then next week in the low 40s. but a warm up for thanksgiving too. pattern pretty well intact. pretty high in the confidence. see you more at 6. >> thanks pete. three years police vowing
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protect to and serve the public. now a pittsfield boy has been sworn in and vowing to do the exact same. >> it's a dream come true for this young boy battling cancer. has the story. >> i chavez torres. >> a dream can sound so simple, this dream belongs to 5-year-old shav vezforte, to be a police officer. >> besides our sworn duties, there's a lot of stuff that our personnel are involved in, both out there publicly and behind the scenes. >> welcome to the pittsfield police department. >> before his swearing in as an honorary police officer, forte was diagnosed with a stage 4 malignant neoplasm. officer darren derby answered the call to spend time with chavez knowing he could make his dream a reality. >> people in uniform are their heros that's what they see on tv, they want to be a fireman, a police officer, and catch bad
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>> on monday, forte was given the full tour of the station, even saved the day. all in a day's work. >> found an assault system before he left the building. that's a closed case right there. >> reporter: community to be a friend. >> my whole goal in wearing this uniform is to help those in need. and that's ultimately what we're here for. so it's kind of taken over me emotionally. it's -- i'm almost at a loss for words sometimes when i'm request him. >> reporter: on monday, chavez wanted to be a was blow, but he's been a here row for so much longer. >> i've got a friend for life. and he does as well. >> reporter: chavez promised the chief he would do well in school, help out at home and be brave and strong. in the newsroom, john thompson, 7 news. >> good evening ebeverybody i'm kim case see.
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>> we're following several breaking stories, police say a woman was drunk when she caused a scene on a british airways flight heading to bon of. hear what passengers had to say about what they saw. >> the fight against isis is intensifying after the terror in paris. two countries now carrying out air strikes in syria. >> and it appears sox slugger david ortiz is headed for retirement. hear what fans are saying over at fenway park. we've got those stories, much more straight ahead on 7 news at 6. the. >> and we hope you join us. nbc nightly news coming to you from paris, a second suspect who may have been involved in the deadly attacks here friday, this as a major european soccer stadium is emptied after a concrete threat. russia now says it was in fact a bomb that brought down that plane over the sinai three weeks ago, we'll tell you how that may affect the military campaign against isis. and charlie sheen opens up to
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nbc universe of chilling will expand toned. >> the drama related to chicago fire and chicago pd. some actors cross over between shows and the executive producer says it's one of the most fascinating things about the franchise. we have a jam packed line up.
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voice, the premiere of chicago med at the and chicago fire at 10 then get caught up on headline at 7 news at 11. >> i'm brian, and i'm elizabeth noreika, 7 news at 7 starts right now. >> breaking news first at 6. a woman accused of -- >> what passengers are saying about the scare in the sky. then the fight against isis intensifying after terror in paris. the two countries now carrying out air strikes in syria. also breaking tonight, is papi ready to say good-bye to baseball. what the fans are saying about the sox slugger and his possible retirement. and several people investigated after this. what caused a driver of a car to head right into a work site.
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>> start with breaking news. a woman charged after a frightening flight. state police pulled her off a british airways flight once it land at logan international airport. investigators say she was drunk and dried to open an exit door. they say she was arrested but does not center any connection to terrorism. let's get the news from dan. >> reporter: passengers i talked to coming off the flight. say it was a crazy scene happening right around them. they credit the flight crew for acting quickly in a dangerous situation. >>s she was right in front of us, then she tried to open the door at the back of the plane. >> reporter: flight london to boston describe a wild scene. as they wrestled with an unruly passenger. >> at first, i thought she was having a panic attack, then maybe even having a seizure, that's how uncontrollable her limbs were fighting out against her.
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it took about six stewardesses
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